The Role I Want to Play in 2017


I like resolutions, they are optimistic. I like resolutions but I have never been keen on New Year. It is too full of unmet expectations – like valentine’s day, too much pressure to have the most epic night ever – to drink outrageously, but not be drunk. To avoid disappointment I resolved not to make resolutions – out loud.

This morning, I had a revelation – it may be common knowledge but for me it changed how I feel about a new year as a ritual. Though I believe every day a new year arrives from the same day last year – there is something in the idea of the whole world, for generations marking the end and the beginning and time unfolding in a linear parade of collective and personal moments .

With this in mind, this is the role I want to play in 2017.

  1. Finish everything I started before today; even if the idea sucks, even if I don’t have the money, even if it reveals me as the most boring, unoriginal person on the planet or if I don’t have the skill or talent. 
  2. Post only blog or my professional work on facebook for a year; only comment on friends post’s when they publish something they have created; only check facebook once a day for personal and once a day for business. 


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