The Core of Anarchy


I am working towards anarchy, both personally and collectively and have been for over thirty years. It has taken me this long to understand what being an anarchist means. Maybe I am slow, but it seems most people imagine either an idyllic future of unfettered personal freedom or a dystopic nightmare of lawlessness. Neither of these is accurate. The core of anarchy is radical personal accountability.

We live in a time that encourages us to sacrifice our autonomy on the altar of blame: our parents, society,  race, our exes, sexuality, men, women, the government, god, poverty, affluence – anything but ourselves. The moment we make someone or something else accountable for our situatiooon is the moment we enslave ourselves to the very thing we would escape.

Personal accountability does not neutralize behaviour. It doesn’t mean the capitalist is right, or the abuser is kind. It robs those that would exert power over us of every possible benefit. Our own behaviour stands alone and regardless of whether we are accountable or not it defines our character and sets our limitations.

We are in desperate need of a revolution, a revolution of one. I don’t think we can achieve collective anarchy until as individuals we have learned to own our own shit.



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